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ViArt User's Guide (Version 3.6)
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14.2. PayPal Payment Methods
14.2. PayPal Payment Methods
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PayPal is one of the most widespread payment systems used throughout the world. Therefore, Paypal payment gateway has been integrated into ViArt shopping cart as one of its basic predefined payment systems.

Presently, ViArt Shop supports five PayPal payment methods:

  • Paypal Website Payments Standard - allows a site owner to accept online payments from his customers with or without PayPal accounts. A system takes a customer to PayPal's website to complete the purchase.

  • PayPal Website Payments Pro - combines a gateway and a merchant account into a single solution. Website Payments Pro enables a site owner to use PayPal as a realtime payment option and doesn't require his customers to visit PayPal's website.

  • PayPal Express Checkout - allows a site owner's customers to select their preferred PayPal account and automatically check out using their PayPal information without having to fill out their personal information again on the shopping cart order form. Note: PayPal Express Checkout is a part of Website Payments Pro and should be used with PayPal Website Payments Pro method.

  • PayFlow Pro Direct - Pro is a gateway only and it should be connected to a site owners' merchant bank account. Still it is a excellent choice for businesses that require peak site performance and direct control over payment functionality. Its flexible application programming interface (API) allows a site owner to use multiple payment methods, including credit and debit cards.

  • PayFlow Pro Express - is just a payment option that is offered as an addition to other payment methods and it is not recommended to use it separately from a Pro method.

You can get more information on these methods from PayPal website.

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